Massage Therapy

Unlike regular spar massages, our therapists provide more focused treatment of the areas on your body that require circulation and healing. Our goal is not only to relax and relieve pain but also to promote regeneration of body tissue.

Massage is used to induce relaxation and to reduce pain and sensitivity experienced in the tissues. Pressure and movement is applied to the muscles and connective tissues so as to promote a release of tension, promote circulation, and re-educate the muscles to function properly after an injury. Massage can also lower stress levels and support musculo-skeletal healing.

There is evidence that massage has been used since 2330 BC for various health and pain conditions in various regions throughout the world. Massage therapists must attend 500 to 1000 hours of training plus obtain a license through the state (dependent on their location).


  • Techniques used are dependent upon patient needs in that moment, so often our therapists will use an integrated approach. Among the methods used are:
    • Shiatsu
    • Myofascial release
    • Breath coaching
    • Primal reflex release
    • Trigger points
    • Positional release
    • Swedish

Conditions Treated:

  • Chronic and acute pain associated with illness or injury, fibromyalgia, stress, as well as other various conditions. Our massage therapists work on whatever area is bothersome to the patient at the moment and uses the technique best suited for that issue and its severity. As long as the patient provides feedback on the pain and tenderness they are experiencing, our massage therapists will be able to tailor treatment appropriately.

Insurance Accepted:

  • HealthNet, BCBS, Aetna, Moda, Providence, Cigna, American Specialty Health Network, Pacific Source, UHC*
  • Various Auto/PIP insurances and Worker’s Comp

*In order for massage services to be covered by private insurance, patients must be participating in chiropractic care at the same time