“I’m very satisfied with treatment services and receptionist is very kind with smile.” -Amy S.
Amy S.
“I love Chiropractic Center of Raleigh Hills. I have been going there for over 4 years. It's awesome the staff is knowledgeable and accessible. Dr. Tuttle has rehabbed me through many an injury and also helped me to avoid surgery on my knee. If you are an athlete or just looking for some relief from daily aches and pains people with Dr. Tuttle's skill set are invaluable. Also, it is super convenient because they also have a sports rehab center next door and a massage therapist as well.” -Chris T at Yelp
“Best of best! I had car accident last March, and I had been treated Dr. Tuttle. He was very caring and his treatment was very effective. My Shoulder pain improved dramatically and back pain is completely gone! I recommend him to everyone especially to who experience motor vehicle accident.” wonseok at Citysearch
"Great care Dr. Tuttle's expert chiropractic care, as well as his warmth, compassion and good humor, have seen me through more than one injury to renewed flexibility, strength and comfort."‎ -debralynne1959 at ‎ City Search
“I've been seeing Dr. Tuttle for over 6 months, and he's been a huge help. Dr. Tuttle goes over and above - where other doctors only saw the alleviation of pain and swelling, Dr. Tuttle has helped me with my posture, core strength, breathing, and stress. I recommend him whole heartedly.” -Coon_7 at Google
“Best of the best! I had an accident in last December, My neck hurt really badly. So I contact Dr. John Tuttle office. I was advised to take X-ray right away to check my neck and any damage cause by the accident. I was very pleased with Dr. Tuttle and his staff. They are friendly and helpful. I have received acupuncture and massage at the same place of Dr. Tuttle. He also has the full rehab center with full equipment at my conveniences. I have huge improvement in my neck after two and half months of treatment. I strongly recommend to anyone to see Dr. Tuttle.” -Emilyqa at Citysearch
“I am pleased with my treatment and progress under Dr. Tuttle’s care. I appreciate his whole body approach, focusing on core strengthening and chiropractic techniques. I would gladly recommend Dr. Tuttle and his friendly welcoming staff to family and colleagues!” -Chris P.
Chris P.
“Dr. Tuttle is an excellent practitioner of chiropractic care. I have come to his office many times for a variety of treatments, each time it has been a pleasant experience. I look forward to my appointments not just for pain relief but also for the caring environments.” -Christopher T.
Christopher T.
“Dr. Tuttle’s first treatment alleviated my back pain instantly. The relief was dramatic. I had been suffering for over a year and had visited numerous doctors without any relief. Dr Tuttle maintains my health and I am PAIN FREE!” -Enid B.
Enid B.